Hyundai takkenschaar hefboom 68cm

Article number : 58042

Key specifications

EAN code 8718502580426
Weight 1.281kg
Lengte (mm) 660
Max. snijdikte (mm) 35
Online Verzend Verpakking D7


Content: 12


Hyundai bypass loppers

Substantial pruning or regular maintenance of your flowers and plants? The most beautiful garden starts with the right tools. With this lightweight Hyundai bijpass loppers, gardening becomes a joy. Its precision-ground carbon cutting blades and bypass pruning mechanism make it easy to prune and cut through young, live branches. The 'parrot mouth' cuts through wood with two blades from both sides. This creates a perfect, straight cut in the branch.

- Suitable for pruning and cutting young and live wood
- Very lightweight: only 1200 (!) grams
- Ergonomic and comfortable handles
- Precision-ground carbon fibre blade with Teflon coating
- Maximum cutting diameter: 35 mm
- Length: 53 cm
- 2-year warranty


Lengte (mm): 660
Max. snijdikte (mm): 35
Online Verzend Verpakking: D7