Hyundai kabelschoentangset 231 dlg

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Licentiemodel Handtools
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• The set includes a large number of cable lug pliers, including clamps, wing nuts, and wire pliers, and features a comfortable, durable handle. The set is ideal for installing and repairing electrical cables in any environment.

• The Hyundai Cable Lug Pliers Set is a must-have for any electrician seeking quality and reliability. Buy this set today, and you are assured of a professional installation. This 231-piece Hyundai cable lug pliers set comes extensively equipped with various sizes, connectors, rings, clamps, etc.

Unique product features;

- Crimping and insulation stripping pliers 8"
- 20x butt connector
- 20x cable tie for cables, insulated E8
- 40x male tab connector
- 50x plug-in clamp
- 50x cable tie, 100 mm (blue/yellow assorted)
- 60x ring terminal
- 60x spade clamp


Licentiemodel: Handtools