Hyundai hosereel 20 m Ø 8 mm

Article number : 58600

Key specifications

EAN code 8718502586008
Weight 5.8kg
Online Verzend Verpakking GVV
Slangdikte (mm) 8
Slanglengte 20


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The automatic wall mounted hose reel from HYUNDAI is indispensable for watering your garden.
The included garden sprayer (including couplings) is adjustable from a light mist to powerful jet. Great for efficiently and easily watering plants, flowers and shrubs. The range of the garden hose is also large by a length of 20 metres and the 180-degree rotation of the wall box. The garden hose rolls itself up automatically after use. You can remove the wall box from the bracket and thus easily store frost-free and safe.

HYUNDAI automatic wall-mounted hose reel 20 metre – 5/6”
- 20mtr Ø 8mm hose
- Automatic locking and retraction system
- 180° rotatable
- Easy to hang up
- Operating / Max. pressure; 8/24bar


Online Verzend Verpakking: GVV
Slangdikte (mm): 8
Slanglengte: 20

Documents and instruction manuals

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