Hyundai grinder 1 kg

Article number : 59370

Key specifications

EAN code 8718502593709
Anti-slip Yes
Hammer type Mallet
Lengte mm 200
Lengte steel mm 200
Licentiemodel Handtools


Content: 1


This HYUNDAI maul with a solid steel head and a weight of 1 kg is highly suitable for various tasks such as small demolition work but also coarse sculpting. It can also be used for metalworking when it comes to cutting and/or breaking bolts, nuts, clinch nails and the like.


Anti-slip: Yes
Hammer type: Mallet
Lengte mm: 200
Lengte steel mm: 200
Licentiemodel: Handtools
Materiaal van artikel: Staal
Productgewicht: 1
Product lengte/diepte: 20,00
USP1: Materiaal: Fiber
USP1BE: Matériau : Fibre
USP2: Ergonomisch gevormde handvat
USP2BE: Poignée ergonomique
USP3: Robuust en duurzaam materiaal
USP3BE: Matériau robuste et durable
Unit weight: Kilogram
Vorm artikel: Blok