Hyundai drukspuit 8 liter

Article number : 58738

Key specifications

EAN code 8718502587388
Weight 1.6kg
Bar 3
Inhoud (L) 8
Licentiemodel Power Products
Materiaal van artikel Kunststof
Met draagriem Ja


Content: 1


• This reliable Hyundai pressure sprayer is suitable for use in and around the garden. The pressure sprayer is made of high-quality plastic, making it resistant to acids. With a capacity of 8 L, a powerful pressure pump, and a maximum working pressure of 3 bar, the device is a great help for gardening.

• To fill the pressure sprayer, loosen the ring under the handle and remove the pump part from the tank so you can fill the tank. Then place the pump part back and tighten the ring securely again. Pump air into the tank by moving the handle up and down. Dispense the desired amount of water to spray using the lever. Occasionally pump additional air into the tank. Clean the tank after use. Not suitable for spraying disinfectants, impregnating agents, and acids.

Unique product features;

- Model: 58738
- EAN: 8718502587388
- Tank capacity: 8 L
- Diameter: 130 cm
- Working pressure: 3 bar
- Hose length: 130 cm
- Weight: 1.6 kg
- Shoulder strap: Yes
- Readable scale division: Yes
- Liquid quantity indication: Yes


Bar: 3
Inhoud (L): 8
Licentiemodel: Power Products
Materiaal van artikel: Kunststof
Met draagriem: Ja
Online Verzend Verpakking: GVV
Productgewicht: 1,6 kg
Readable scale: Ja
Regelbare druk: Ja
Shoulder strap: Ja
Slanglengte: 1
Type Sproeikop: Nevel
Type sproeier: Drukspuit
Verwisselbare kop: Nee
sproeibereik: Ja

Documents and instruction manuals

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