Hyundai beugelzaag 53 cm

Article number : 58150

Key specifications

EAN code 8718502581508
Weight 0.639kg
Lengte (mm) 540
Online Verzend Verpakking Z6


Content: 12


Do you need a bow saw for planks or green wood in the form of thick branches and small trees? This Hyundai bow saw easily cuts through green wood with its coarse-toothed blade. Where the branch shears are lacking, this bow saw is your perfect choice.

Ergonomically shaped handle!

The saw is 53 cm long and comes with a protective ergonomically shaped handle, made from a combination of plastics. The saw comes with a cover strip over the saw teeth to store the saw safely when you are done using it. The material is made from 65Mn steel and this blade is easy to replace if needed.

Unique Product Benefits:

• Ergonomically designed handle
• Suitable for thick branches or small trees

Unique Specifications:

- Type of Saw: Hacksaw
- Suitable for Material: Wood
- Length: 53 cm
- Saw Material: SK5 Steel
- Handle Material: Plastic (ABS+TPR)
- Color: Blue with Black
- Warranty: 2 Years


Lengte (mm): 540
Online Verzend Verpakking: Z6